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How do know I need SMHC?

SMHC can help if you:

  • Perform inconsistently in competition.

  • Lose self-confidence.

  • Become distracted easily.

  • Get upset easily after mistakes.

  • Feel tight or anxious in competition.

  • Can’t have fun or enjoy sports.

  • Can’t take your skills to competition.

  • Perform “safe” or tentatively.

  • Have a fear of making mistakes.

  • Worry too much about what others think.

SMHC can also help teams and coaches by enhancing confidence and self esteem, improving focus, helping athletes move on from mistakes, addressing social approval, and so much more!

What kind of results can I expect?

Each athlete will receive a different experience when working with our MH Coach because not all athletes experience the same performance barriers.

Results vary from athlete to athlete and depend on the athlete’s desire to improve their mental game skills, ability to apply the strategies to practice or games, and the willingness to overcome the mental barriers that get in the way of their performance success.

How long does it take to see results?

Every athlete will have a different timeline when it comes to seeing results. Just like it takes a few months to see results in the gym, it also takes a few months to see/feel the results from mental performance coaching. Again, it depends on the desire to improve, ability to apply skills, and willingness to overcome mental barriers. These skills are not going to change overnight and the process can be challenging. This may be a new area of focus for some athletes, but one area that can push them ahead of many other athletes.

Can I use these skills outside of sports?

Learning these skills will also help youth athletes feel confident in other areas of their life. Youth athletes will be encouraged to transfer skills learned in SMHC sessions to the classroom, relationships, and other areas of their life where the skills are applicable. Building a well rounded youth athlete outside of the practice and competition field is a large focus of the program.

Can I do virtual sessions instead of in-person?

Yes! Virtual options are available via Zoom, Google Meet, or Facetime. The information and documents can be sent over email so the sessions can be completed remotely. Our primary location is 5935 W. 56th Street, Suite 500, Indianapolis IN 46254.

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