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T3 companies are co-founded by Terry A. Webster Jr. and his wife Tiki A. Webster that focus on at-risk student/youth outreach program in Indianapolis, Indiana. T3i has programming that provides mentorship and programming for at risk and alternative school students between the ages of 12-25, helping them to successfully transition to young adults, and to create life plans that promote success, and social change in their communities. 


Our programs have seven core values:

Life Skills: I will learn skills that promote independence, confidence and self-sufficiency to become a productive member of my community.

Accountability: I will be responsible for the consequences of my actions and decisions whether intended or unintended.

Goal-Setting: I will create a vision for myself, for who I am, and how I want to be seen in the world. I will create a vision that is focused on making my community and the world a better place. I will set S.M.A.R.T. goals based on my vision and make responsible choices that help me achieve those goals.

Positive Anger and Emotion Expression: Anger is a normal emotion and how I express my anger is a choice.

Self-Determination: I will pursue my goals in the face of adversity. I will learn to conquer self-defeating thoughts, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and overcome my obstacles.

Respect for Others: I will learn how my words and actions can devalue others, including those I love. I will be more mindful and respectful in my interactions.

Integrity: I will be honest, sincere and of good character. 

Our Team

Terry A. Webster, Jr.

Founder / CEO

Terry holds a B.A. in Pastoral Leadership and currently pursuing a dual MA/D.Min and is currently the Lead Pastor of the Village Church. Terry's experience includes both elementary and high school education and many years of coaching Pike High School Men's basketball and AAU. He is a certified Child and Adult Mental Health Specialist.

Tiki A. Webster


Tiki (Kela) earned B.S. degrees in both Exercise Science and Sport Organization from Miami University and currently is the Assistant Director of Certification Operations for the American College of Sports Medicine. 

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